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Anthropocentrism in philosophy is deeply paradoxical. Ethics investigates the human solid, epistemology investigates human wisdom, and antirealist metaphysics holds that the realm relies on our cognitive capacities. yet people sturdy and data, together with their language and ideas, are empirical issues, while philosophers don't have interaction in empirical study. And people are population, no longer 'makers', of the realm. however, all 3 (ethics, epistemology, and antirealist metaphysics) should be enormously reinterpreted as making no connection with humans."

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This would be the question that a philosophical skeptic who respects consistency would ask, especially if it concerns knowledge of the existence of an “external” world consists of rocks, trees, stars, as well as human bodies such as yours and mine. We may describe an epistemology limited to this question as subjective.  MS 302, “Diktat für Schlick” 1931– 33. Quoted by David Stern, “Sociology of Science, Rule Following and Forms of Life,” in M. Heidelberger and F. , History of Philosophy and Science, 347.

For example, it would be absurd for me to say now that I believe that I am typing, let alone that I am justified in believing that I am typing. ” But this renders its use in epistemology even less appropriate because the noun corresponding to that adverb in Greek is episteme and in English “knowledge,” exactly the word we tried to avoid. We resort to the phrase “justified belief” when aware that we have no knowledge but also hope that we are not entirely ignorant. But it is not the natural, traditional word for describing what we might have in such cases.

Whales and chimpanzees. There may be also extraterrestrial cognizers far more advanced than humans. The world cognized by whales is relative to cetacean cognition. The world cognized by chimpanzees is relative to simian cognition. The world cognized by extraterrestrials would be relative to their cognition, The antirealist holds that the world cognized by humans is relative to human cognition. That relativity is biologically inescapable. By contrast, relativity to era, culture, race, gender, ethnic origin, or personal belief is not.

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