Antarctic Meteorology and Climatology - download pdf or read online

By J. C. King

ISBN-10: 051152496X

ISBN-13: 9780511524967

ISBN-10: 0521039843

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This booklet is a entire survey of the climatology and meteorology of Antarctica. the 1st portion of the booklet reports the tools wherein we will detect the Antarctic surroundings and provides a synthesis of climatological measurements. within the moment part, the authors give some thought to the strategies that keep the saw weather, from large-scale atmospheric movement to small-scale techniques. the ultimate part stories our present wisdom of the variety of Antarctic weather and the potential results of "greenhouse" warming. The authors tension hyperlinks one of the Antarctic surroundings, different components of the Antarctic weather process (oceans, sea ice and ice sheets), and the worldwide weather method. This quantity might be of maximum curiosity to meteorologists and climatologists with a really good curiosity in Antarctica, however it also will attract researchers in Antarctic glaciology, oceanography and biology. Graduates and undergraduates learning actual geography, and the earth, atmospheric and environmental sciences will locate a lot precious historical past fabric within the publication.

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Antarctic Meteorology and Climatology by J. C. King

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