Download PDF by Michael Paschalis; Stavros Frangoulidis (ed.): Ancient Narrative: Supplementum 1 Space in the Ancient Novel

By Michael Paschalis; Stavros Frangoulidis (ed.)

ISBN-10: 9080739022

ISBN-13: 9789080739024

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Dionysius I: War-lord of Sicily, New Haven: Yale University Press. Clarke, K. 1999. Between Geography and History: Hellenistic Constructions of the Roman World, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Corbato, C. 1968. ‘Da Menandro a Caritone. Studi sulla Genesi del Romanzo Greco e i suoi Rapporti con la Commedia Nuova’, Quaderni Triestini sul Teatro Antico 1, 5-44. de Souza, P. 1999. Piracy in the Greco-Roman world, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 185-195. Edwards, D. R. 1985. ‘Chariton’s Chaereas and Callirhoe: Religions and Politics do mix’, in: K.

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