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Turner also makes a more general case for Mp, or what he calls ‘theory cumulation’: ‘We selectively take the ideas of others and extend them in some way, producing a theoretical argument that is more powerful than the one with which we began. Unfortunately, we do not do enough of this kind of activity’ (1989: 9–10). As for Collins, among his works are efforts to review and build theoretically upon the work of theorists like Weber (Collins, 1985), Goffman (Collins, 1986c), and Mead (Collins, 1989b).

By employing the concept of architectonics as an Mu tool, we can gain better insight into the most fundamental similarities and differences among sociological theorists. Beyond this, and perhaps more importantly, architectonics can give us a firm understanding of the various bases used – in the past, present, or future – to systematically erect sociological theories of social phenomena. Involved here is an effort to delineate one of the most important architectonics in sociological theory. It is clear to me that a number of other architectonics exist; I will hint at the natures of a few of them in the closing pages of this chapter.

In fact, there are a number of similarities between homosexuality and the practice of metatheorizing. For example, both homosexuals and metatheorists have been judged in negative terms and practitioners have been stigmatized for their activities. 6 For example, while most of my work is metatheoretical, I have done work using Weberian theory to analyze society in general (Ritzer, 1983), the professions (Ritzer, 1975b), and the medical profession in particular (Ritzer and Walczak, 1988). 7 For example, that sophisticated theorist of capitalist society, Karl Marx, did a great deal of metatheorizing.

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