Download e-book for iPad: Adam's Dream: Mythic Consciousness in Keats and Yeats by James Land Jones

By James Land Jones

ISBN-10: 0820303402

ISBN-13: 9780820303406

The author's crucial goal is to teach that the poetry of Keats and Yeats is knowledgeable through a collection of assumptions, a style of apprehension, which marks it as a undeniable type of poetry: Romantic poetry characterised specifically through the weather of mythic considering analyzed via Cassirer and Eliade.


Introduction: The intent for Myth
Chapter One: Soul Making
I "Curious Conscience"
II "My robust id, My actual Self
III "A Greeting of the Spirit"
Chapter : cohesion of Being
I "Energy" and "Essence"
II "Beauty in All Things"
Chapter 3: The immense Idea
I "From Feathers to Iron"
II "An Interchange of Favors"
III "Time Annihilate"
IV "The Finer Tone"
Chapter 4: the nice Moment
I "There the entire Gyres Converge in One"
II "Fellowship Divine"
Chapter 5: Melancholy's Sovran Shrine
I "The beaches of Memory"
II the 2 Hyperions
Conclusion: Adam's Dream

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Odysseus’ epos is a mise en abîme: in telling his tale, this sequence of quests and subquests, he is in the middle of a new quest sequence. His very tale, the hero’s epos, uttered at the banquet of the Phaeacians, is wedged between narrative sequences, the poet’s aoidē, displaying the same patterns that are at work in Odysseus’ own tale. Indeed, this tale, taken as a whole as one act of narrative, is part of the pattern surrounding it: typologically, as we saw, Odysseus’ act of narration, comprising four whole books of the poem, is the hero’s interaction with the future donor (see Propp’s function 13 at page 19, above), which in the Odyssey takes a metapoetic turn, as the hero begins to play the role of poet (function 5 in the adaptation of Propp’s scheme to the Odyssey presented at page 23, above).

Insights on the interaction between the Wanderings and the matrix narrative are also offered in Cook 1995. Hansen 1997: 458–9 notes differences between the Circe adventure and a pure folktale: in a folktale there are two opportunities for the donor (see below) to appear; for the Circe story to be a real folktale, the donor (Hermes) would have had to be rebuffed first by Eurylochos and subsequently accepted by Odysseus. But this is beside the point; we do not expect the import of a pristine, unmodified tale.

Instead of the paratactic, catalogic succession of the tales of the Wanderings there is a progression in which the consecutive quests are interlocking: the liquidation of each lack is the creation of the conditions for the next lack (this is outcome 8c at page 23, above). The three initial quest sequences comprise Books Five, Six, and Seven, respectively. Book Five opens with the lack created by the hero’s previous nostos and ends with the nostos at Scheria. Calypso’s paradise at the navel of the sea embodies the lack resulting from surfeit, a timeless existence away from Nostos as quest 28 mortal needs that resembles the eternity of death.

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