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They tip the reader to the angle that the story will have on the events it recounts. Just as one listens to a joke announced as 'dirty' with ears attuned to recognize the obscenity (and thereby the punch line) (Sacks 1974b), so one reads the newspaper headline for the tellable story. As Anderson and Sharrock (1979: 380-381) put it: [A] headline in a newspaper ... seeks to interest, to be newsworthy and this is known by most readers. Headlines then may be read to make news. They may attain newsworthiness by announcing that something we need to know is contained in the subsequent text; by announcing a continuation or conclusion to something we are already interested in or by announcing that something extraordinary has happened.

The particular sense of 'exposure' is constituted by this context just as it contributes to the intelligibility of that context. The collection to which 'exposing' belongs, then, is one which is occasioned by this context (it is a 'fear of exposure'). That is, its sense is relative to this context and is occasioned by it. A second issue is the recognizability of 'he would have to expose himself' as an account. This is heard as an account because of what is known about this context, the device 'parties to a drama lesson' which it occasions, the category predicates of these parties and the category membership and predicates of 'shy boy'.

Rather, it is hearable as, and is heard as, referring to a requirement of participation in a drama lesson, namely that one has to 'act' (or, at least, 'express himself') in front of an audience, in this case other children in the referred pupil's class. Furthermore, the description is recognizable as an account of the various forms of behaviour which have just been reported, namely that the child sits quietly, 'makes excuses', and is 'actively lazy'. All of these are accounted for as ways of avoiding exposure.

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