New PDF release: A Discourse in Steel (Tales of Egil and Nix, Book 2)

By Paul S. Kemp

ISBN-10: 1101964987

ISBN-13: 9781101964989

As soon as the main bold -- a few could say reckless -- grave robbers round, Egil and Nix are actually retired, having opened their very own tavern with a facet enterprise as a brothel. The warrior-priest and the rushing rogue are performed with adventuring. yet is adventuring performed with them? whilst appealing sisters run afoul of the infamous Thieves' Guild, the semi-respectable marketers are referred to as upon to safeguard their honor. And in the event that they locate a chance to counterpoint themselves alongside the best way, nobody may well blame them.

Soon they're going toe-to-toe and hammer-to-skull with the various deadliest cutthroats on the town. There's only one seize: the hunt to settle this vendetta as soon as and for all leads directly into the Blackalley, a ghostly byway that looks at random to suck unsuspecting passersby into its voracious maw. just a idiot or a madman could input willingly. fortunately for Egil and Nix, they may simply be both.


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Manyfolk This large area of the city is home to the common folk, and is where most of the shops and businesses of the city can be found, from the Bluirren family (who make spiced sausages from Underdark creatures whose precise identities and origins are better not investigated too closely) to the Ulaver (whose luminous, sweet green wine is a growing taste among Menzoberranyr). It also home to the noble House of Oblodra, who have always had a treacherous, unpredictable, even insane reputation. Oblodren are known for fanaticism, reckless battle-rages, and for dabbling in the wildest magic and the most dangerous of the arts of the mind, continually pushing the boundaries of the dictates of Lloth.

When these do occur, they tend to be wild parties (extending, at times, to brawls and orgies), held because forces of the city have scored a major victory over foes outside the city, or because Lloth herself (her avatar) has appeared somewhere in the city, and not shown any anger or disfavor by issuing harsh decrees or meting out punishments. 51 What the Future May Hold Not even the gods can see all that well in to what lies before us, and has not befallen yet. Mortals peering into the future tend to see what they want to see—or fear most.

Not A Lady” Xalyth rose from humble origins (as a child, she emptied chamberpots—by hand—onto her father’s dung-cart, to be taken to the fungus-farm fields) to dominate gem-dealing (and under-the-table fencing of stolen goods) in Menzoberranzan. Her unadvertised sideline is providing material components for 28 making a deal first, and fighting later. In fights, Xalyth is known for keeping alert track of foes who work around to attack her from behind, while she confronts those in front of her. In her shop, Xalyth has several glass vials full of potent sleep-gas; if attacked, she can break one, forcing all within 90’ to save versus breath weapon at -4, or fall asleep for 4d4 rounds.

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