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283). Atheism rooted in natural sciences gained widespread support in the 19th and 20th centuries in the wake of marked progress in ·Man's knowledge of the natural world and of the development of materialism rooted in the natura1 sciences. · "ATHEIST AT THE WORK­ BENCH", journal of the Moscow Regional Committee of the All­ Union Communist Party (Bolshe­ viks) published between 1923 and 1931. ATHEIST CONSCIOUSNESS, consciousness of those people who do not believe in the supernatural and who are convinced of the truth of the materialist world outlook.

The history of atheism is the history of the struggle of science against various forms of illusory representations of reality and for the assertion of the scientific and materialist "Weltans­ chauung", or world outlook. Scien­ tific studies into the history of at­ heism must strictly adhere to the principle of historical authenticity and link the ideas under investiga­ tion with the special features of so­ cial consciousness in the historical era in question, with the role and im­ portance of atheism in the emer­ gence of the progressive ideas of the time.

Use Karl Marx's own words, that base must itself "first be understood in its contradiction and then, by the removal of the contra­ diction, revolutionized in practice" (Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Selected Works in three volumes, Moscow, Vol. One, p. 14). Marxist atheism is free from class limita­ tions and it is aimed not at specific representatives of the educated sec­ tor of society but the broad popular masses: it does not leave any loop­ holes for fideism an

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