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"An first-class updated advent to the idea of teams. it's normal but complete, protecting a variety of branches of team idea. The 15 chapters include the next major subject matters: unfastened teams and displays, unfastened items, decompositions, Abelian teams, finite permutation teams, representations of teams, finite and limitless soluble teams, staff extensions, generalizations of nilpotent and soluble teams, finiteness properties." —-ACTA SCIENTIARUM MATHEMATICARUM

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Rsp. artinian) (b) R is a noetherian (rsp. artinian) ring, M is a finitely gen. R-module =⇒ M is noeth. (rsp. artinian) (c) R noetherian and M finitely generated, then M is finitely presented. Proof. (a) We do an induction on n: / 0 n−1 i=1 / Mi n i=1 / Mn Mi /0 n−1 is exact. /artin. /artin. 5 that i=1 Mi is noetherian (rsp. artinian). , mn R. Then: / Rn / ker(α) 0 α //M /0 is exact and by (a) Rn is noetherian (rsp. artinian). 5, M is noetherian (rsp. artinian). (c) If M = m1 , . . , mn R then the map α : Rn −→ M : ei → mi has a finitely generated kernel, say ker(α) = k1 , .

3. (a) 0 = R any ring, S = {r ∈ R | r is not a zero-divisor} =⇒ Quot(R) := S −1 R is the total ring of fractions or total quotient ring. , then S = R\{0} and Quot(R) is a field (the quotient field of R). : • R = Z =⇒ Quot(R) = Q • R = K[x] =⇒ Quot(R) = { fg | f, g ∈ K[x], g = 0} =: K(x) (b) R ring, f ∈ R, S := {f n | n ≥ 0} =⇒ Rf := S −1 R = { r | n ≥ 0, r ∈ R} fn is the localisation at f . : R = Z, f = p ∈ P =⇒ Zp = { pzn | z ∈ Z, n ≥ 0} ≤ Q 49 3. Localisation (c) R ring, P ∈ Spec(R), S = R\P RP := S −1 R = r | s, r ∈ R, s ∈ /P s is the localisation at P .

Modules and linear maps Proof. Let P = λ R, ϕ : M ′ → M injective. ϕ⊗idP M ′ ⊗R P λ (M / M ⊗R P ∼ =  ′ ⊗R R) λ (M  ∼ =  λ ∼ = ⊗R R) ∼ = ϕ ˜ M′ /  λ M / (ϕ(m′ ))λ (m′λ )λ ✤ λ ˜ ⇐⇒ ϕ(m′λ ) = 0∀ λ So (m′λ ) ∈ ker(ϕ) ϕ inj. ⇐⇒ m′λ ∈ ker(ϕ)∀ λ ⇐⇒ m′λ = 0∀ λ Hence P is flat. (d) Let R = K[x], P = K[x, y] xy and consider the map   ·x / K[x] =: M . Then: ϕ : M ′ := K[x] (idP ⊗ϕ)(y ⊗ 1) = y ⊗ x = xy ⊗ 1 = 0 ⊗ 1 = 0, so idP ⊗ϕ : P ⊗R M ′ → P ⊗R M is not injectice. Thus, P is not flat. 38. 36 Proof.

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