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By Borovik A. V.

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In any case, (E/F)

8 below. 5. A field F is a perfect field if every algebraic extension of F is separable. o We have a simple criterion for a field to be perfect. In order to state it, recall that for a field F of characteristic p, we have the Frobenius map : F -> F defined by ^(a) = a^. We let F^ = Im($) and note that, since is an endomorphism, F^ is a subfield of F. 6.

AoTo] = [oro][ao], so A ( a r ) = A(a)A(r). Thus A is a group homomorphism that is one-to-one and onto as a map of sets, so A is an isomorphism. 14. Let E be a finite Galois extension ofF and let Bi and B2 be intermediate fields with Bi = Fix(//i) and'Ri = Fix(//2)Then: (1) B1B2 = Fix(Hi n H2) (2) Bi n B2 = Fix{H^) where H^ is the subgroup generated by H\ and H2. Proof. (1) If a G Jf/i n H2, then a G / / i , so a fixes Bi, and a G H2, so a fixes B2; hence a fixes B1B2. On the other hand, if a fixes B1B2, then a fixes Bi, so a G Hi, and a fixes B2, so a G H2\ hence a G if1 Pi H2.

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