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By Konvisser M.W.

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Kentaro Hori, Kentaro Hori, Sheldon Katz, Albrecht Klemm,'s Mirror symmetry PDF

This thorough and unique exposition is the results of a thorough month-long direction backed by means of the Clay arithmetic Institute. It develops reflect symmetry from either mathematical and actual views. the cloth should be relatively necessary for these wishing to improve their realizing via exploring replicate symmetry on the interface of arithmetic and physics.

Download PDF by Istvan; Hargittai, Magdolna Hargittai: Symmetry: A Unifying Concept

Contains 550 pictures and three hundred drawings. textual content levels from snowflakes to starfish, from fences to Fibonacci. monitors 15 elements of symmetry. 222pp. Index. Bibliography.

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2-Groups which contain exactly three involutions by Konvisser M.W.

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